Applied Expeditions Ltd is a specialist company who run Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expeditions. We are able to offer packages at all three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The standard pack includes pre-training, a practice expedition and a qualifying expedition. We can also offer bespoke packages to satisfy your requirements. Also as standard we help behind the scenes preparing green forms, risk assessments, letter to parents and other paperwork as required.


Applied Expeditions includes a comprehensive training package for your participants. This will start at your School or convenient location and will continue on the practice expedition. The training will start with plenty of input from the supervisor which will slowly reduce as the group become more independent and self-reliant in their new environment. Training will also cover specific hazards such as how to use stoves properly and safely.

Practice Expeditions

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award stipulates as part of the 20 conditions of the Expedition Section that “Participants must have completed the required training and practice expeditions”. Applied Expeditions include a practice journey in their packages as standard. During the practice expedition the supervisor will alter the style of supervision from direct to remote. The extent of this change will depend up the ability and level of the team.

Qualifying Expedition

Applied Expeditions will safely run the qualifying expedition in the area of your participants choosing within the UK. Overseas expeditions are possible, however, they will incur further costs to the standard package. The expeditions will be assessed either by an Applied Expeditions Assessor or a network Assessor will be employed. All group kit can be borrowed for both expeditions at no extra charge.

Remote Supervision

Just because your expedition is unaccompanied that does not mean it is not supervised. All our instructors and supervisors have been trained in remote supervision by the National Governing Body and most by the DofE Supervisor’s Course as well. Safety is our prime concern. It is important to let the team feel that they are alone and in control of the decisions required to complete their expedition.

Canoe Expeditions

Applied Expeditions offers expeditions by Open Canoe in the UK and the Ardeche region of France. Open canoes are a suitable method of travel for all three levels of the award. We are able to offer the hire of the canoes and ancillary equipment. To ensure participants are paddling to the correct level, bespoke training courses are available. Once participants are at a suitable standard then we can arrange both the practice and qualifying expeditions.

Inspired Expeditions for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Applied Expeditions Ltd provides professional support for Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, specialising in the Expedition Section. We offer a “no-hassle” package for School Teachers who need assistance in delivering the DofE Expedition Section. We include DofE Gold Expeditions, DofE Silver Expeditions and DofE Bronze Expeditions travelling by Foot, Open Canoe or Cycle.

Open Expeditions

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